Retirement: a successful transition

Some people look forward to retirement. Others find it much harder to leave working life behind. Either way, retirement will prompt changes in almost every area of life. You need to understand the financial and insurance implications, but shouldn't underestimate the psychological impact either. It is important to maintain a sense of purpose in life and to adopt a positive mental attitude to ageing. Above all, you will need to take good care of your health.

You should keep certain things in mind even before you retire. Don't forget to register for AHV. Would you like to have your occupational pension (second pillar) paid out as a lump sum? Ask your employer about it in good time.

Have you considered that once you retire you will no longer have accident insurance from your employer? Tell our customer service by calling 0844 80 81 82.

Your income will change – perhaps you will be entitled to a premium subsidy.

Optimal protection after retirement

It is almost impossible to optimise your insurance cover in later life. This is why it makes sense to review your insurance cover early on, so as to ensure that you are able to enjoy your future life after work.

Any daily benefits insurance policies expire – after retirement you can no longer claim for loss of income.

If you have concluded supplementary hospital insurance, you will benefit from being automatically issued with CURA long-term care insurance. You can learn more about this here (PDF, 52KB) .

Would you like to optimise your insurance cover or are you looking for ways to save money?

Tips and tricks

This checklist from Helsana helps to make sure you don't overlook key points about retirement.

Before retirement:
  • If you would like to receive a lump sum from the occupational pension scheme (BVG), contact your employer as early as possible – generally at least one year in advance.
  • Sign up with the cantonal compensation office six months before retirement to receive the AHV pension.
  • Get all the necessary information in advance if you want to relocate abroad after retiring.
  • Check your retirement cover – over the phone (by calling Customer Service on 0844 80 81 82) or in person (by visiting the sales office close to you)
  • If necessary, review your new financial situation with your insurance or financial advisor.


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