Reassuring: support after the birth

After the effort of pregnancy and the birth you should be able to recover and relax for some days afterwards. But as soon as a baby arrives it expresses its needs and wants to be lovingly cared for. In the days after the birth, let your midwife advise and support you. She knows from experience what you are feeling and what you need to regain your strength.

Nach der Geburt

In the immediate postnatal period, you'll find yourself in a completely new life situation. Your baby has arrived and is demanding your care and attention. You yourself have to adjust after giving birth and get used to your role as a mother.

Give your baby all of your love, but think of yourself too. Your body is now going through a phase of regeneration that can last for three to six months. Giving birth may also have turned your emotions upside down. The main things you need now are peace, rest and time for you and your baby.

Help from the midwife in the immediate postnatal period

Help from a midwife in the postnatal period immediately after you've given birth gives you a feeling of security. The midwife is there to provide you with advice on breastfeeding and caring for your baby. Ideally at this time, you will have "your" midwife who already supported and advised you during the pregnancy.

Household help

A lot will be required of you in the first few days after giving birth. There may not be a lot of time left over for housework, or you might simply not have the energy for it. Household help after the birth can relieve you of several household chores so that you can look after your own health and your baby's well-being while being as relaxed as possible.


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