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Psychological well-being is a complex topic. Mental health and stability are closely linked to an individual's personality structure and predispositions. Key factors that can influence this are lifestyle and behaviour patterns, as well as a person's physical state, diet and other aspects. Mental illness is not a sign of personal failure. Anyone may be affected by it.

Less stress at work

Proper time management helps avoid stressful situations, allows for peace of mind while working, and boosts motivation.

Less stress in family life

Stressful situations in family life cannot be avoided entirely. However, this aspect can be improved if family members set shared priorities.

Stress as a reaction to excessive demands

Stress is a sign that pressure levels have become intolerable. Chronic stress increases the risk of illness.

Depression in young people

It is not rare for children and young people to suffer from depressive illnesses. Symptoms must be taken seriously and addressed promptly.

Depression in adults

Listlessness, low mood, anxiety, chronic insomnia and suicidal thoughts are signs of depression. Psychological counselling is essential.

Depression in the elderly

Depression in the elderly cannot simply be dismissed as a sign of old age. The reasons for it often go much deeper.

Postnatal depression

Postnatal depression occurs as a reaction to the many pressures associated with pregnancy and childbirth. It should not be disregarded.

Depression treatment options

In general, depression is linked with significantly lower quality of life. Appropriate treatment gets to the roots of the problem.

Mentally ill people tell their stories

Mental disorders are some of the most common illnesses in Switzerland. According to the Swiss Health Observatory, some 17 percent of the population suffers from one or more mental disorders. Four sufferers talk about their illness, how they cope with it and what is helping them to recover. They hope that their stories will encourage others.

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