Prevention through a heart-friendly lifestyle

With a heart-friendly lifestyle, you can have a positive impact on your health. Although the cardiovascular system is affected by risk factors that cannot be changed, such as age, gender and family history, it is within your power to keep this high-performance organ running well and prevent cardiovascular problems.

Bewegter Alltag Regular activity

Exercise has all kinds of benefits: physical activity is good for your health, creates a sense of physical wellbeing and reduces the risk of heart disease. It is never too late to change your lifestyle and get fit. Why not start today and work out what form of exercise you enjoy?

Diäten Healthy eating

If you eat a balanced diet based on Mediterranean cuisine, you can keep your heart healthy and prevent chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes. Don't forget to add a pinch of Mediterranean ease, take time to prepare your food and enjoy in comfort. This will already go a long way to a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Stress verstehen Healthy stress management

Stress is not always a bad thing. A certain amount of positive stress makes life interesting, provides variety and helps you to cope with challenges. But when stress becomes a permanent state of being, your health suffers. Stressed people are more likely to suffer a heart attack. Stress also exacerbates other risk factors, such as smoking, high blood pressure, unhealthy eating habits and weight gains.

Don't smoke

Are you a non-smoker? Great, then keep it that way! If you are a smoker, remember that quitting can improve your respiratory system, lungs and cardiovascular system. When you stop smoking, the oxygen levels in your blood return to normal and the likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke steadily falls. If you can't kick the habit on your own, try a smoking cessation course or make a pact with your friends. Give it a try – for the sake of your heart.


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Walking and running

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