How to save on your premiums

Lower your premiums thanks to our tips. Alternative insurance models, the family discount or long-term policies help you to save money in both basic and supplementary insurance.

Alternative insurance models

Alternative With the general practitioner model or group practice model (BeneFit PLUS General Practitioner), you can save at least 12% on basic insurance, and this figure increases to 15% if you opt for the Telemedicine model (BeneFit PLUS Telemedicine). With the PREMED-24 medical advice helpline, you can save at least 6%.

More information on the alternative insurance models

Choosing an annual deductible

Jahresfranchise wählen Choose a deductible for your basic insurance which is higher than the legally stipulated 300 francs per calendar year. For instance, you get up to 50% premium discount if you opt for the 2,500-franc deductible.

More information on the annual deductible

Examining your accident coverage

Unfalldeckung prüfen Do you work for the same employer for at least eight hours per week? If so, you are already insured against accidents via your employer and can exclude accident coverage from your basic insurance. Your premium will be reduced by 7%.

More information on accident coverage

Family discount

Familienrabatt Insure everyone who lives in your household under the same contract. In this way, you will benefit from the family discount on supplementary insurances. You will get a discount of 5% for two people and even 10% for three people or more.

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Long-term policies

Mehrjahresverträge If you take out a long-term policy for the supplementary insurances, you are eligible for a 3% discount in case of a 3-year term and a 5% discount in case of a 5-year term.

More information on the long-term policies

Helsana+ app

Helsana+ App You can earn more than 300 francs per annum with the new Helsana+ app if you diligently collect Plus points. You will also benefit from attractive discounts from our partners. Download now at helsana.ch/plus.

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Premium development and saving tips

EB member Rudolf Bruder explains why the standard model's average premium has little meaning and how you can optimise your premium.

Tarmed intervention – sensible, important and right

The Federal Council’s Tarmed intervention will rectify several shortcomings of the outdated tariff system and should result in annual savings of about 470 million francs. However, a full revision is now urgently required.