Small premium increase for 2018

Rudolf Bruder, member of the Executive Board and Head of Client Services & Benefits, talks about the premium trend for 2018 and explains how you can save premiums on your basic and supplementary insurance policies.

Rudolf Bruder, what is the expected premium trend for 2018?

The premium increase for next year is well below the previous year and much less than the long-term average. Unfortunately, some premium regions still have to catch up, and the increase is more for these regions.

Why is the premium increase for the Helsana Group less this year than in the previous year?

Many insured who chose alternative insurance models (AIM) are benefiting from the new and attractive discount calculations. The process of risk compensation among health insurance companies also had a positive impact on the premiums for our insured. And finally, the adjustment of the tariff for outpatient medical services (Tarmed) by the Federal Council also brought some relief.

«Our saving tips can help many insured to reduce their premiums.»

What is the situation for supplementary insurance products?

Some insured who have taken out Plus, Comfort, Bonus supplementary insurance will be affected by tariff increases because hospital costs in general will rise. At the same time we are considering tariff reductions for Cura, Top, Dentaplus and Limita, and are looking at increases for Varia and Sana. Generally, however, we are dependent on the Financial Market Supervisory Authority which has to approve all changes.

How would you advise our customers to optimise their premiums?

Use our saving tips to check your policy. This can already help many insured to reduce their premiums. You can also contact Customer Services for your region. Our customer advisors will be happy to help you optimise your insurance coverage.


How to save on your premiums

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