Pregnant and ill: what should you do?

The expectant mother's body has a lot to cope with during pregnancy. This often leads to pregnancy-related symptoms. While these are unpleasant, they are normally harmless for mother and child. Even if the mother is more seriously ill, this need not have serious consequences for the baby in the womb. But in the case of fever or severe pain, it's essential to see a doctor.


Pregnancy in itself can already put an enormous strain on your body. You may experience this over and over again. Sometimes you'll feel overly tired or nauseous. Even if you are sick or your digestion is impaired, you don't necessarily have anything to worry about. These symptoms can be part of being pregnant.

Caution with medication

Things are a little different if you fall seriously ill during pregnancy, for example if you develop a fever or suffer severe pains. In this case it's advisable to consult your doctor. For the sake of your baby, don't take any medication without supervision. Even over-the-counter preparations should be taken only if prescribed by your doctor.

Try to get even more rest than usual to allow yourself to recover quickly. Don't worry too much about your baby as nature has devised various ways of protecting an unborn child so that it's not affected by the mother contracting a minor illness. By the way, a chronic illness does not necessarily present an obstacle for a pregnancy either.


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