Positive pregnancy test

In your state of anticipation, you may wonder if you are ready for a child, and what the pregnancy will mean for your life. Take some time to think about it and speak with people you trust. The advice of a midwife may reassure you, or perhaps you would benefit from a discussion with your gynaecologist.

Neue Situation

Maybe you planned this baby. Then you'll already have asked yourself these questions some time ago. But it could be that you didn't plan to get pregnant. Then you'll be asking yourself: am I ready for this child?

Talking about it can give you peace of mind

In this case, you should first come to terms with the situation yourself. You'll of course discuss it with your partner as well. Is he also ready for a child? For the thought of starting a family? And what does it mean for him? It helps to talk to people you trust. Your mother? Your friend? Or do you have a particularly close relationship with your father? Talking to people who have your best interests at heart will help you reach the right decision.

All-round support from your midwife or gynaecologist

Now that you know you're pregnant, you can look for a midwife. She will advise and support you during your pregnancy and look after you later during labour, in the immediate postnatal period and while you're breastfeeding. You can of course choose to be looked after by your gynaecologist.

Statutory maternity protection

If you work, you should inform your employer within a reasonable period. Don't put this off for too long. The Maternity Protection Act stipulates that an employee may not be discriminated against in the event of pregnancy. Your contract of employment may not be terminated during the pregnancy and for a period of 16 weeks after the birth of your baby.

If your baby was not planned and you have got into serious difficulties as a result of the pregnancy, the charitable relief organisation Swiss Aid for Mother and Child is there to help you. It will provide you with advice if you are in financial difficulties, if there are problems with the acknowledgement of paternity or if you have other worries.


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