Our added values: Helsana trails and Helsana+

With our Helsana trails and the Helsana+ bonus programme, we want to inspire the population to become more active. You can benefit from these offers too.


With Helsana+, you can collect Plus points for leading a healthy lifestyle, demonstrating social and societal commitment and being loyal as a customer.

Alongside sporting activities, we reward you for being a member of a sports or social club and attending various courses related to health. There are also different challenges at regular intervals that allow you to collect extra Plus points.

Proof of an activity can be provided only via the Helsana+ app, which has a photo upload feature to submit evidence for each activity. You can also link a health app (Apple Health, Google Fit) or fitness tracker to monitor sporting activities and receive Plus points.

Registered users can collect more Plus points than users of the demo version. To redeem points, you must have insurance coverage from Helsana. Registered supplementary insurance users can collect more Plus points than those with basic insurance alone. The current limit for the full version is 30,000 points per calendar year (max. 7,500 points per year for those with basic insurance alone). Helsana customers also have the option to exchange their points for cash and benefit from numerous partner offers. The higher your bonus level, the bigger the discounts.

For more information on Helsana+, visit www.helsana.ch/plus


More than 360 courses at over 120 locations await you. The lengths of the trails range from 5km to 25km. The signposted circuits are great for jogging, walking or a gentle stroll. They are suitable for beginners and experts alike. Signs featuring strength and stretching exercises as well as information about correct technique and appropriate training intensity provide plenty of variety. Helsana trails are available free of charge and throughout the year.

Helsana Trails App

With our free Helsana Trails app, you always know where to find the nearest trail. Information such as routes, distances and altitude profiles can be accessed directly in the app. The integrated tracking function records distance, pace, time and calories burned during training. A calendar shows you all saved results, which can then be compared.

Download the Helsana Trails app on your smartphone now – and start moving!

Helsana health bus

The Helsana health bus is another added value. It has been in operation since 2014 and tours all regions of Switzerland between April and October. Experts offer visitors valuable check-ups and provide useful information on specific health issues. So far, the bus has toured focusing on the following topics:

  • General fitness and health checks
  • Balance: stress test plus analysis and tips
  • Nutrition: body analysis plus nutrition tips
  • Breathing: lung function test plus analysis of results
  • Sleep: sleep questionnaire and stress test plus analysis and tips

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