Make a wish!

If you exercise, do something for your health, are connected to Helsana or, for instance, are a member of a gym, you can collect Plus points with the Helsana+ bonus programme. And they can be exchanged for cash. Read about what wishes users fulfil with it.

Chiara (29), Cevio (TI)

“Thanks to the advice of a friend and through the TV ads, I became aware of Helsana+. I am the captain of the women’s Vallemaggia floorball team, so I get Plus points for my team membership as well as for training sessions and games. I collect more points thanks to Weight Watchers and the photos of my sporting activities which I upload regularly. As I am involved in street art, I will redeem my Plus points as a contribution towards a plane ticket, so that I can paint a mural somewhere around the world.”

Helsana+: First collect points, then redeem them

With a healthy lifestyle, you can effortlessly collect Plus points. You can very easily convert them into cash and fulfil a wish with it.


René (54), Rebstein (SG)

“I noticed the advertisements. That is why I downloaded the app. I collect Plus points in various ways: in summer, I go swimming, I go cycling with my wife and I am up for almost any challenge. I always redeem my Plus points for something healthy and beneficial. So far, I have treated myself to a massage and a delicious dinner. Now I am saving up for a small gym which I want to set up at home.”

Roberto* (53), Quartino (TI)

“I became aware of Helsana+ through the newsletter. I wanted to know whether and how it works and was amazed at how easy it is! I engage in sport three to four times a week: cycling or jogging in spring and summer and skiing and snowshoeing in winter. The programme motivates me to be more active. With the points I have already redeemed one hundred francs. What I want to buy with the money from Helsana+ one day? I am saving up for a polar watch and sportswear.”

*Name changed by the editor


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