Legal expenses cover for conflicts and disputes

Accusations out of the blue, bullying via social media, credit card abuse, steep rent increases: suddenly you can find that you need to defend yourself. With the right legal expenses cover, you will receive legal counsel in such situations. It can also ensure that you do not need to pay attorney and court fees directly out of pocket.


Whether you're involved in a conflict with a neighbour or supplier, or a dispute on the road, at school or in another public arena, it's worth trying to resolve the matter verbally. If you're able to come to an agreement, you can save yourself a great deal of time, money and hassle. However, differences can't always be settled peacefully. Often, the situation escalates and a legal dispute ensues. If you are exposed to a criminal attack, you have to be in a position to defend yourself.

Cost security in legal cases

The problem with legal proceedings is that it's almost always impossible to predict how the matter will turn out. Very high costs may arise, and it's rarely clear who will ultimately have to bear these costs. It's especially trying if you're embroiled in a legal case abroad. It therefore makes good common sense to protect yourself with suitable legal expenses insurance. This can also prove helpful if you file a legal claim for self-inflicted damage.


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