Involvement in legal proceedings abroad

A car accident abroad often results not only in injury and property damage, but also unpleasant disputes with other drivers in the accident. Further third parties may also be involved, for example pedestrians. If a dispute leads to legal proceedings, you will need legal counsel and possibly the services of an attorney.


If you take your car abroad, you should be aware that traffic regulations and legislation are not the same as in Switzerland. This will become evident if you are involved in a car accident. If you end up having an accident, you'll be confronted with several problems: language barriers can make communicating more difficult. Dealing with local authorities can also prove to be complicated. And on top of that, witnesses abroad tend to put the blame on foreign drivers as a matter of course. If the matter ends up in a legal dispute, you'll incur legal and court fees.

Police report required

Try to stay calm, be polite, and avoid arguments at the scene of the accident. First aid for any injured persons is top priority. Call the police even if there is only property damage. Have a police report drawn up and by no means sign an acknowledgement of culpability.

Document the accident and the damage incurred from your point of view. You can use the European accident report form if the accident took place in a European country. Take photos and enclose them with the accident report. Report the accident to your motor insurer and find out what to do next.


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