Ideas are born while running

Alexandra Hunziker has been running twice a week for many years, usually early in the morning. She explains how this makes her feel.

The running bug bit me 12 years ago in San Francisco. I saw runners everywhere I went, and I also wanted to get moving. Since then I've been putting my running shoes on twice a week. I usually run between 7:00 and 7:30 when my husband is still home with the children. I run whenever I feel that I have to let off steam or need time for myself. So I like running alone.

Sometimes I take my small daughter along in her baby buggy, or her six-year old sister accompanies me on her bicycle. It’s wonderful how the ideas flow while running. I often work on new business ideas while running through Rieterpark or along Lake Zurich. I run come rain or shine, and I love running in winter. I suppose I inherited this from my grandmother, who came from the cold of Russia. I even take my running shoes along when I travel. I ask the locals about beautiful parks and routes for running and get to know foreign cities from a different perspective.

I’m fit and even-tempered thanks to running twice a week. I’ve hardly been ill in the past 12 years. I’m not very fast, but I have lots of stamina. It’s a dream of mine to do a mountain run sometime, but first I’ll do the mother-and-child run at the Zurich Silvesterlauf with my oldest daughter. She can see how much fun I have with this sport, and would like to start running herself.

Source: Senso 2012


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