"I want a baby"

Nature is not predictable. Some couples who want to start a family succeed first time round. Others have to persevere for longer. Every woman is different, with a unique reproductive cycle. It has been proven that fertility declines with age. The best advice for all couples is to take a relaxed attitude when trying to get pregnant.


There's hardly a more wonderful moment in a woman's life than when she finds out she's expecting the baby she wanted. Various factors have to play together for a woman to get pregnant.

Fertile up to around the age of 40

The age of the woman of course plays a role. Women aged 20 to 25 have a greater chance of getting pregnant more quickly. But many women today are way over 30 when they have their first baby and are referred to as older first-time mothers if they have their first child aged 35 to 40. As a woman's fertility starts to decline from the age of 30, it can simply take longer until she gets pregnant.

A relaxed attitude helps

There are several things you can do to positively influence your fertility. Keep a relaxed attitude when trying to get pregnant. Try to reduce stress and give yourself time to relax. Make sure that you have a healthy and balanced diet.

Getting pregnant means that you'll soon be responsible for a child. Once your baby has arrived, it will need all of your love and attention and also bring you much joy.


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