I can't get pregnant: is something wrong?

If you have been trying to conceive for some time, at some point you will begin to suspect that one of you may be infertile. But in most cases, infertility is not the issue. A whole series of factors have to come together for you to become pregnant. As a general rule, a woman only has a 25% chance of conceiving in any given reproductive cycle. Patience is almost always rewarded.

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Many couples are confronted with unwanted childlessness. If you don't get pregnant straight away, it by no means implies that you are infertile or that your partner is sterile. And certainly not that you'll have to remain childless forever.

Unwanted childlessness is rare

Around 10% of couples have to wait more than two years until the woman gets pregnant. Only 3 to 4% of couples remain unintentionally childless.


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