Hip-hop dancing made easy

For Angelo Miraglia, hip-hop dancing represents a “love of life”. You can also learn the hip-hop dance step “Kick ball change”. We reward keen dancers with Plus points.

Helsana employee Angelo Miraglia loves music and dancing, and feels right at home onstage. He has been hip-Hop dancing for over 15 years now. When he is dancing, he feels a sense of freedom and is able to forget about his day-to-day life. You can also learn hip-hop dancing. The hip-hop dance step “Kick ball change” is a good step for beginners to learn. Why not try out the hip-hop choreography at home?

Dancing generates Plus points

Thanks to Helsana+, you can also collect Plus points with hip-hop dancing. Dance for 30 minutes or upload a photo that shows you dancing in the Helsana+ App and you will receive 100 Plus points.


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Gain benefits with the Helsana+ bonus programme

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