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The profiles of medicinal plants are taken from the health magazine Senso, which is published by Helsana four times a year. In each issue, pharmacist and phytotherapist Christine Funke explains the origins, effects and applications of a specific plant. Each profile is finished off with a mouth-watering recipe.

Good for the heart and circulation: buckwheat

If you have swollen feet and painful veins, your blood circulation system needs a boost. A muesli with buckwheat will alleviate your symptoms.

A fiery energy booster with a zing: chilli

Anyone who is feeling worn out and suffering from pain, cramps or digestive problems can ginger themselves up with a pinch of chilli.

Ivy – the evergreen lung cure

Ivy leaves are highly effective for bronchitis and coughs: the contents are conducive to expectoration and dissolving mucus, thus making breathing easier.

Insider tip for coughing and bronchitis: ivy

The evergreen ornamental plant is not only a feast for the eyes and soul: it also has an alleviating effect if you have an itchy and sore throat.

Lebensfreude durch Vitalisierung: Granatapfel

Die Wechseljahre sind für viele Frauen und Männer mit Turbulenzen verbunden. Der Granatapfel bringt wieder jugendliche Frische ins Leben.

Grundnahrungsmittel mit Heilkraft: Hafer

Hafer ist nicht nur gesund und nahrhaft, er ist auch ein natürliches Heilmittel bei zahlreichen Beschwerden. Erprobt sein seit über 7000 Jahren.

Better vision in sight: blueberry

Improve your vision, even when it is dark: the blueberry makes it possible. And what's more, in dried form it helps to alleviate diarrhoea.

Blossom during the cool season: elder

When brewed as a tasty tea, the elderflower wards off irritating colds & it will put you in a good mood when taken in the form of a sweet syrup.

Nourishing guest from the Far East: ginger

Gourmets love the exotic tuber. However, ginger is also a medicine which has a healing effect on many complaints.
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