Helsana trail in La Neuveville

Thanks to Stefanie Gauchat, there are three attractive circuits for runners, walkers and hikers in La Neuveville. Her highlights of the Helsana trail, from the idea to the opening.

Brief profile of the Helsana trail in La Neuveville

The trail in La Neuveville offers three circuits:

  • Blue trail: 4.23 km, 50 vertical meters
  • Green trail: 8.21 km, 178 vertical meters
  • Yellow trail: 23.55 km, 793 vertical meters


Starts and ends directly on Lake Bienne: Quai Maurice Moeckli, 5 minutes on foot from La Neuveville station. Parking space is available.

You can find details about the trails and the activities on and next to them online and in the free Helsana Trails app.

Helsana Trails app

Get out in the fresh air! The free Helsana Trails app is a navigation assistant, tracker and planner all in one. It makes exercise and relaxation even more enjoyable.


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