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Would you be able to do the shopping on a unicycle? It’s no problem at all for the Swiss national unicycle hockey team! Read on to find out more about an extraordinary sport and a team committed to good causes.

Did you know that Switzerland is the world champion in unicycle hockey? You probably didn’t. “Only a few people know that unicycles are used in a wide range of sports, for example as in unicycle hockey. We are a typical fringe sport,” explains Ramona Hürzeler. The 23-year-old is the goalkeeper in the seven-strong Swiss national team and, at the same time, the only woman.

As with so many fringe sports, the Swiss unicycle hockey team does not really boast well-filled coffers. Hürzeler explains that despite being crowned world champions twice in 2012 and 2016, it has not been easy finding sponsors. The team generally finances itself privately; however, the athletes are reliant on financial support if they want to take part in international tournaments. Their aim was to raise 7,000 francs to cover the tournament fees and the costs related to travel, accommodation and food. As a result, they advertised their project on “I believe in you”, the most successful crowdfunding platform for sporting projects in the world.

Shopping by unicycle

To secure the 200-franc donation from Helsana, the unicycle hockey team committed to championing a good cause. The team’s plan was to do the shopping for an elderly person needing help. And what better way to do this than by unicycle?

Helsana chose this idea as the commitment of the month and awarded the team with a special monetary prize. The athletes have in the meantime raised the 7,000 francs they required to attend the European Championships and are looking forward to competing at the major tournament. Why not get involved and support the team? The event kicks off in July.


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