Try out some football tricks and collect Plus points.


Playing football offers many benefits. It’s a fun way to stay fit while collecting Plus points with Helsana+. We’ll show you two easy football tricks. Try them out yourself.

Helsana+: First collect points, then redeem them

And for Helsana+ users, football comes with a double benefit: it’s good for your health and you also earn Plus points, which you can turn into cash and use to treat yourself, for example, by buying a new football kit.

Trick 1 – Rainbow flick

How to do it:
Place the heel of your dominant foot in front of the ball. Your other foot should be behind the ball, with the inner arch facing the ball. Lean forward slightly.

Use your back foot to roll the ball up on to the heel of your front foot in such a way that the ball is momentarily in the air. Kick your front foot back and up to hit the ball with your heel, sending it up and over your head.

Trick 2 – 180° turn

How to do it:
Place the ball between your heels, feet facing forwards. Using your dominant foot, roll the ball upwards, propelling it into the air behind you. While the ball is in the air, turn your body 180° until you’re facing the ball.

Use your dominant foot to do a few keepy-uppies.


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