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Fonder une famille, emménager dans un foyer commun, assister à la naissance de son premier enfant sont des événements marquants dans une vie. Le quotidien d’une famille est souvent fait de bons moments partagés, mais les membres d’une famille doivent aussi relever de sacrés défis. Helsana vous épaule, vous et votre famille, à toutes les étapes de la vie, et elle s’engage pour que vous bénéficiez d’une protection complète et pour que vous surmontiez même les moments difficiles.

Starting a family or moving in together

When people come together to form a household, some arrangements need to be made. One important matter is their insurance situation.

Positive pregnancy test

The beginning of a pregnancy is a turning point in a woman's life. This gives rise to many feelings, as well as questions.

Prenatal preparation and childbirth

The first contractions are a sign that the baby's birth is not far off. There are various means available for dealing with labour pains.

Childhood illnesses

Nearly all children get one or more of the typical childhood illnesses. An overview of symptoms, treatments and tested home remedies.

Dangerous situations for accidents involving children

Making children aware of risks helps reduce the dangers they face at play, in the home, or in traffic situations.

Braces for children and adolescents

Dental misalignment can have harmful health effects. However, this can be corrected using the right methods.

Childcare when parents are hospitalised

In an ideal world, children are cared for by friends or family if one of their parents needs to go into hospital. External care options are also available.

Support in financial emergencies

In times when money may be tight, there are various options for helping to cope with this difficult and unpleasant situation.

Legal expenses cover for conflicts and disputes

A conflict or dispute can quickly develop into legal proceedings. The right legal expenses cover offers protection.
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Our benefits for the new you

As a family, you regularly experience situations which turn your daily routine upside down. Be it the birth of your first child, illnesses, financial difficulties or legal issues. It is good to have comprehensive insure cover in such situations. Our supplementary insurance cover includes practical services.

Insurance package for your baby

Babies have specific needs – not least where insurance cover is concerned. That's why we've put together a special offer: the Baby Package contains everything you need to protect your newborn.

More about the Baby Package

Special Nanny service

If you are a parent and have to go into hospital, our Nanny service offers you fast, easy childcare – at home, in a familiar environment.

More about the NannyService special service

Special KidsCare service

Wenn Ihr Kind längere Zeit krank ist und Sie wieder zur Arbeit müssen, organisieren wir rasch eine qualifizierte Pflegeperson, die Ihr Kind betreut und pflegt.

More about the KidsCare special service

Special legal expenses cover service

Helsana’s legal expenses cover offer meets all family requirements. The TOP, COMPLETA and OMNIA supplementary insurance policies already include legal expenses benefits. This is supplemented by the affordable legal expenses insurance for civil and motorists' legal expenses cover, Helsana Advocare PLUS. Helsana Advocare EXTRA also provides worldwide cover for civil, motorists’ and Internet legal expenses.

More about the legal expenses cover special service

Enjoy the benefits of the family discount

With a family insurance policy for people in the same household, you will benefit from attractive supplementary insurance premium discounts ranging from 5% to 10%.

More about the family discount

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