Enjoying life in your old age

Growing older usually goes hand-in-hand with a more leisurely pace of life. Many people become less mobile and can't do as much in a day, often for health reasons. So it is particularly important to keep physically and mentally fit by being as active as you can. Age does have some benefits: you can enjoy a slower pace of life and concentrate on things that make you happy.

You should be proud of everything you have accomplished so far. You have overcome a number of professional and personal ups and downs.

Now you have more time to spend on yourself – for hobbies, travel or your family. You also have time to think about things as they are now and how they might be in future.

Staying fit in everyday life

Exercise remains important even as you age – an active lifestyle helps you to remain healthy or improve your health. If you did sports earlier in life then you know this is true. However, you will only stay fit if you continue to get enough exercise during retirement.

Health checks help to detect potential diseases before the occurrence of any symptoms or discomfort. It is always a personal decision whether or not to have the recommended health checks. Your general practitioner can advise you. You can also find information about this topic here, on our website. Please note that the recommendation to have a health check does not always mean that the benefit will be covered by basic insurance.

Tips and tricks

Our checklist for ageing and health.

  • Take advantage of the broad range of offers from various providers for staying fit in everyday life – be it through exercise or a healthy diet.
  • Also accept help if you need it. Don't be ashamed of you cannot come to terms with a new situation on your own.


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