Earn points through agility training

Nuria Dominguez loves to spend her free time with her two dogs at the ATN dog agility club in central Switzerland. Being a member of a dog sports club doesn’t just give her a break from everyday life but also earns her Plus points from Helsana+.

Nuria Dominguez is a Helsana claims inspector, and dog sport agility is one of her passions in life. From an early age she always wanted to have a dog – now she can’t imagine life without her three-year-old border collie Finnley and his 11-year-old canine aunt Chimère. Dominguez and Finnley train together for national agility contests at the Tatz dog school, which is a member of the ATN club (Agility Team Nünegg). In an agility contest, dogs have to complete on a course made up of several hurdles within a set time. According to the rules of the sport, our four-legged friends have to pass the various obstacles on the course in a given order, under the guidance of their handler. The trainer supports and coaches the handler in how to lead the dog, because the way the handler behaves has a direct influence on how the dog does and thus on the final result.

Meeting people with a common goal

Exercising in the great outdoors, a love of dogs and a love of sport gives Nuria Dominguez the perfect balance to her hectic job. “Agility is a great distraction for me, because I have to fully concentrate on what I’m doing,” she says. “The dog really notices if I’m not on the ball.” Just being a member of her club gives her plenty of balance in itself. The Jolly Tatz ATN club in Eschenbach in Lucerne has been active for 19 years and has around 70 members. Dominguez has been a member for ten years and has served as vice-president for five. What does she like the most about ATN Jolly Tatz? “Meeting new people who have the same interests.” Dog handlers enter their dogs in the agility contests in their own name as well as in the name of the club. Sometimes they enter just in the club’s name – which strengthens the feeling of working together as a team. Members don’t just meet up for training sessions, competitions, meetings and excursions, but they also go walking together with their dogs otherwise as well. Finnley and Chimère love that in particular. “Then they always have their friends around to play with.”

Collect Plus points with Helsana+

Are you also involved in a club? Excellent! Becoming a member of a club isn’t just a way to meet like-minded people, it also earns you Plus points with Helsana. Helsana customers can redeem their points for cash and other attractive rewards.


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