The story of Dr Floh

Dr Floh has been working as a Giggle Doctor for 19 years. She cheers up little patients with humour and imagination.

When Liz Monteleone, aka Dr Floh, heard about Giggle Doctors, that was it for her. She had found her dream job. The young mother of two immediately began attending clown and theatre courses and continuing her education – in order to start training as a Giggle Doctor later on. She has felt a great love for her job ever since. "It's wonderful that we are allowed to visit sick children," she said. "And that this work is so appreciated."

She enchants young and old with the bright sounds of her ukulele and with her soap bubbles. Dr Floh is accompanied in her work by Kuno the cat, who loves to eat bananas, and by Eberhard the pig. The children adore these characters. When the bubbly Giggle Doctor says goodbye to a child after about 15 minutes, she leaves a cheerfulness in the room – as well as shared stories and experiences. She often gives small children a balloon mobile, which dangles over their beds for days afterwards. Other children receive a balloon animal, stickers, a rubber duck or a postcard with a picture of the Giggle Doctor.

The Giggle Doctor is still amazed at how much life and joy are found in play, even for seriously ill children. The children giggle and squeal throughout her visit, while otherwise they are fighting for their lives.

As a partner of the Theodora Foundation, we support the valuable work of the Giggle Doctors. With this partnership, Helsana contributes to enabling more than 8,000 children to enjoy a few carefree moments each month. That means that yearly more than 100,000 children in hospitals and specialist care centers all over Switzerland enjoy visits from the Theodora Giggle Doctors.


Committed to making children's eyes light up

As a partner of the Theodora Foundation, Helsana does its part to help 100,000 sick children a year to forget their illness, if only for a little while. Show your commitment.

The story of Dr Kiko

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