Dancing is liberating

For Lori Pisano and Mike Mayer, hip hop is a lifestyle. They explain how dancing enriches their lives.

Dancing is incredibly liberating. This we’ve seen often. Of course, if you dance regularly you are fit, but also more open-minded and self-confident. We see this with many of our students who at first were still a bit shy. But as time goes by, dancing gives them more self-confidence and they feel good about their bodies.

We’ve both been dancing since the age of 14, we experimented with different styles and did many courses and workshops. We now work as dancers and choreographers. In 2009, we opened our Milo Dance Academy school. For us, hip hop is much more than just a music genre, it’s a lifestyle.

Depending on the mood, one or the other dance style is better. For example, popping boogaloo, which started in the 1970s and is danced to funk, is a happy dance. Krump on the other hand is a temperamental and expressive dance that is perfect for reducing aggression. We offer different styles and students can choose the style that suits them best. Whatever music you’re dancing to, after a while you merge with the music and stop noticing that you’re working hard. This is different for other types of sport. Dancing is also excellent at getting rid of stress. All you need for hip hop is a love of movement. With a little patience, the rest comes on its own. Age isn’t important. You can start doing hip hop at any age.

Source: Senso 2012


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