Complementary medicine advice line

Complementary medicine is popular. Therefore, the range of suppliers and methods on the market is huge. But what therapy is appropriate in which cases? The complementary medicine advisory team can help.

More than fifteen specialists from all parts of the country staff the complementary medicine advice line and answer your questions on therapy options and complementary medicine benefits, from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Some of our advisors are complimentary therapists themselves. The impartial service is available to you free of charge. No association or other interest group is behind it.

What alternative treatment method is best?

The Helsana specialists guide you through the jungle of methods and therapists. For instance, we advise you on choosing a suitable therapy and help you to find a recognised doctor, naturopath or therapist who can provide you with expert treatment.

During a telephone conversation, we will show you the possibilities and limits of complementary medical treatment. However, Helsana does not make any remote diagnoses and we also do not give any tips on therapeutic application. Based on the complaints and measures taken so far, we make an assessment as to what type of therapy is expedient – or advise you to have a medical examination if necessary. Only your doctor, naturopath or complimentary therapist can look into the causes of the complaints, make a diagnosis and determine the treatment plan.

Aim of complementary therapy

Every medical treatment must show discernible improvement. Are you satisfied with how the therapy is progressing? Take advantage of our complementary medicine advice before trying a number of different treatments. In this way, you can save yourself the hassle of what is often a strenuous “therapy marathon”.


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