Committed to tackling the high cost of healthcare

Helsana is working in a variety of ways to tackle the rising costs of healthcare in Switzerland. The five examples below are representative of the Helsana approach.

Costs turn into premiums. This is not a truism, but a hard fact. If healthcare expenditure in Switzerland keeps rising, health insurance premiums automatically go up too. Helsana is strongly committed to keeping premiums in Switzerland affordable in the long run, and is also working hard to ensure that universal access to healthcare is assured and that quality remains high.

Five examples of our commitment:

Case management
It is often difficult to return to everyday working life after an accident or illness. With our case management, we support policyholders who have had an accident or period of sickness. We help them with their medical and social stabilisation and with reintegration into the workplace. This lowers the risk of chronic illness and longer-term incapacity for work, which in turn has a positive impact on healthcare costs in Switzerland.
HSK purchasing cooperative

Health insurers purchase services from doctors, hospitals and care institutions. And in doing so, they regularly engage in price negotiations. To make negotiations in basic insurance more efficient, Helsana has partnered with the health insurers KPT and Sanitas to form the legally independent HSK purchasing cooperative. Joining forces enables the three HSK partners to secure better value for money in procurement than they could individually. This action on their part is an important contribution in the battle against rising healthcare costs in Switzerland.

Health literacy

Patients can better form an opinion on the benefits and risks of medical treatments if they are well informed. Our blog (helsana.ch/en/blog/health-literacy[hka8y1] ) presents scientific facts in an easy-to-understand way so that patients can quickly and easily find out which treatments make sense for them and which do not. In this way, we help avoid unnecessary treatments and costs and play a part in getting healthcare costs in Switzerland under better control.

Individual case management

Helsana case managers provide our insured customers with advice, coordination and arrangements for inpatient treatments and therapies when they are in hospital. They mediate between customers and service providers and check applications for confirmations of cost reimbursement, based on the legally prescribed criteria of efficacy, appropriateness and cost-effectiveness. Our case managers will find the best solution for everyone.

Online pharmacy
Our insured members can order their legal medicines (original products as well as generics) conveniently, quickly and much more cheaply at our Swiss online pharmacies. They benefit from exclusive Helsana rebates and services and do not pay any pharmacy (LOA) fees or shipping costs. In this way, we achieve savings in medication costs, making a contribution to preventing a further increase in healthcare costs.

Lower premiums in 2020

Next year most Helsana customers will pay lower premiums. CEO Daniel Schmutz explains why.

Important tips to help you save on your premiums

Easy ways to save on your health insurance premiums: our tips will help you save money. Click here for lower premiums.

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