Committed to making children smile

Children in hospital don’t have much to laugh about. Everything is different from what they are used to, they are in pain and their parents can’t always be by their side. The performers from the Theodora Foundation bring rays of light into gloomy hospital rooms and let the young patients forget their illnesses, at least for a little while.

As a partner, Helsana is not only proud to be making sick children laugh, but also offers extra support to the Theodora Foundation in the form of an emotional campaign. This campaign tells the true stories of young patients and shows exactly what the performers’ involvement means to them.

Three children and their reactions to the performers.

Giada (6) is certain that an evil chemo-monster has taken her hair. Luckily there are also good giggle doctors around.

The Theodora Foundation’s performers let 9-year-old Norvin forget for a while he is suffering from cancer in the lymph nodes.

Her coma is something Paula (9) cannot forget easily. Except when the giggle doctor pays her a visit.

Donate to the Theodora Foundation: it’s really easy!

  • Donate directly at  www.theodora.org/donate
  • Take part in the charity run  throughout Switzerland from 1 to 9 December 2018
    For every kilometre you run on a Helsana trail and track in the Helsana Trails app, Helsana will automatically donate one franc to the Theodora Foundation.
  • Donate your Plus points on the Helsana+ app
    In the app, go to “redeem” and “donate”, then decide how many points your wish to donate. 100 points are equivalent to CHF 1.

A look behind the scenes.

You can’t set out to capture genuine reactions from children. Here you can see all about how the film was made, what we experienced making the film and what the performers’ work means to the children’s parents.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who took part, as well as to the Zurich Children’s Hospital and the Cantonal Hospital Aarau for their involvement.

Laughter is the best medicine.

The psychologist and humour researcher Willibald Ruch from the University of Zurich tells us in an interview how laughter can help people recover from illness and what Helsana and the Theodora Foundation’s commitment can achieve.


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