Childcare when parents are hospitalised

Childcare becomes an issue when a parent is in hospital. This is difficult if the other parent is working. Somebody has to take care of children's daily routines and make sure they get their needs met. If friends or family are not available to do this, external help must be arranged.

Eltern im Spital

If a parent has to unexpectedly spend a few days in hospital, family life can be thrown upside down. Hospital stays may be due to a sudden illness or accident. In such a situation you bear a double burden: you're worried about your health, but you also have to think about your child.

Think about childcare in advance

It can happen to any family at any time that a parent has to go into hospital. So it's important that you plan for such an eventuality and consider various options for the care of your child. Ideally you would ask a family member or friend to look after your child. Maybe there's a family with children in your neighbourhood with whom you have a good relationship that could look after your child.

Remember, the situation is not easy for your child either. He/she will be worried or even scared if Mum or Dad suddenly has to go into hospital, so it's an advantage if your child can remain in his/her familiar surroundings.

Babysitters, nannies and child minders

If you can't find a solution among your family, friends or neighbours, you can hire a babysitter or a nanny, who will look after your child at your home. A nanny, like a cleaning lady for example, is considered an employee. As their employer you are obliged to ensure that AHV contributions are paid and that the nanny has accident insurance cover. He/she also has a right to paid holidays. You can find a sample contract on the Children & Families Competence Center website at kinderbetreuung-schweiz.ch.

Another option for childcare is a child minder, who tends to look after several children in their own home. Child minders' associations that can provide you with information regarding the offers available locally can be found almost everywhere.

There are various Internet platforms that can help you find a babysitter or child minder, such as mom2mom.ch, betreut.ch, familienleben.ch, nannypedia.ch or nanny-service.ch. These websites also provide a lot of useful information about childcare, nurseries, day kindergartens and other related topics.

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