Careful delivery management during the birth

Clearly, only one trusted person should manage the delivery. This should ideally be the midwife or the gynaecologist who already cared for the expectant mother during her pregnancy. A competent and experienced professional can make the birth easier, and in the event of complications they can immediately take the necessary action. Of course it’s wonderful, and reassuring for the mother, if her partner can also be present at the birth.

Begleitung Geburt

The final weeks of pregnancy are exciting, as you never know exactly when you will go into labour. Only around 5% of babies arrive exactly on the expected due date. Some arrive earlier, others take their time. The best thing is just to take it as it comes. But keep an eye on yourself: the signs that you're going into labour can vary. For example, you may feel restless or your backache could suddenly get worse. You might also feel sick more often than otherwise during the pregnancy and have greater difficulties sleeping.

High time to sort out whether your doctor or your midwife are going to assist you during the birth. Of course it's also nice to know that your partner will be by your side at this important and challenging moment in your life.

Birth assistance from a midwife or a doctor

A midwife is perfectly capable of providing you with specialist and caring assistance during the birth. If you choose to be assisted by a doctor, you're on the safe side if complications arise during labour.

Giving birth by Caesarean section

If you want or have to deliver your baby by planned Caesarean section, you won't have to make a choice, as you will have to stay in hospital for this.


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