Braces for children and adolescents

Healthy, beautiful teeth highlight personality and strengthen self-confidence. It is important to keep an eye on the growth of permanent teeth in children and adolescents, and promptly and permanently correct any misalignment. In addition to braces, other orthodontic treatments may also be considered.


Once their baby teeth have fallen out, your child's second and final set of natural teeth start to come through. Monitor their development and check the positioning of the new teeth every now and then. If individual teeth appear crooked or stacked, seek out a dentist or orthodontist for your child. There are practices that specialise in treating younger patients. During the period of compulsory education, annual dental check-ups are financed by school communities.

Identifying and treating tooth misalignment at an early stage

Tooth misalignment is often something we are born with. However, it can also be caused by a child's behaviour or habits. Using a dummy on a regular basis or prolonged thumb-sucking, for example, mean that the tongue is constantly pressing up against the gums or cause the teeth to chew on the lips. Loosing baby teeth prematurely as a result of caries or an accident can also be a problem. Misaligned teeth are not only unaesthetic, they are also detrimental to health. They can encourage the formation of cavities, make chewing or swallowing difficult, and even lead to speech impediments. Don't leave things to chance if you notice that your child's teeth are not properly aligned.

Correction of tooth positioning and braces

Tooth misalignment can be corrected by both removable and fixed braces. Removable braces are best suited to correcting simple problems. Fixed braces, meanwhile, are used to treat more acute tooth or jaw misalignments, sometimes in combination with oral surgery measures. Orthodontic treatments generally begin when the adult teeth start to come through and before the jawbone has stopped growing. Depending on the diagnosis, the therapy can last several years.


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