Self-test: how well do you sleep?

Is your sleep restful? Do you suffer from a sleeping disorder or is it a temporary sleeping problem? Do the self-test to discover more about your sleep quality and how to improve it.

The questions in this test are based on the internationally renowned Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index developed by the University of Pittsburgh to record sleep quality (source: The result texts were written by Helsana Insurance Company Ltd in cooperation with

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What were your usual sleeping patterns in the last four weeks? Please provide details which are as accurate as possible and refer to the majority of the days and nights. This applies to all questions.

When did you go to bed as a rule? *

When did you normally get up in the morning? *

How long did it take you to fall asleep? *

How long did you lie awake at night in total? *

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How often did you sleep badly in the last four weeks ...

... because it took you more than 30 minutes to get to sleep? *

... because you woke up during the night or early in the morning? *

... because you had to go to the toilet during the night? *

... because you had difficulty breathing? *

... because you coughed or snored loudly? *

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How often did you sleep badly in the last four weeks ...

... because you felt cold? *

... because you were sweating? *

... because you had a bad dream? *

... because you were in pain? *

... for reasons not mentioned here? *

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Final question

How would you rate your overall sleep quality in the past four weeks? *

How often did you take soporifics? *

How often did you struggle to stay awake during the day, for example while driving a car, eating or at social events? *

In the last four weeks, did you ever lack the energy to perform normal everyday activities? *

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