Baby emergency: think before you act

If something happens to your baby, only a clear head can take the right decisions quickly. Force yourself not to panic, and keep calm. Take a deep breath and immediately apply first aid. Think about how you can act straight away to relieve your child's distress. Call an emergency service if it's more than you can deal with or if you fear a severe injury has occurred.

Notfälle Baby

Although you protect your baby with your life, it could choke on something, scald itself or hurt itself in a fall. Nobody is immune from an accident with a baby. Just a moment of inattention or an unfortunate series of events can lead to an emergency with the baby. There's no point blaming yourself for it. It's more important that you remain calm, assess the situation and do the right thing.

A minor case or an emergency?

After the initial shock, it very often turns out that an accident with the baby is only minor. In this case, you can treat it and comfort it yourself. It's worse if you're unsure, or if you're quite obviously confronted with a serious emergency with your baby.

Call the paediatrician, hospital or emergency services. If the baby has been poisoned, the best thing to do is to immediately contact the toxicological information centre.


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