Abortion counselling

An unwanted pregnancy can turn a life completely upside down. It causes anxiety and is emotionally deeply unsettling. It is a difficult situation to deal with alone. Talking to a trusted person can help to clarify feelings and ideas and assist in reaching the right decision. If this decision falls in favour of ending the pregnancy, there are organisations that can provide competent and – if desired – anonymous counselling.


You've found yourself in a difficult situation. What happens from here is your own and personal decision. Try to think calmly about what it would really mean if you were to bring the child into the world. Talk to a trusted person and get advice from a professional.

Free and anonymous advice

Your gynaecologist can tell you which advice services you could consult. The advice from trained specialists is free of charge and can also be obtained anonymously. Anonymity is guaranteed even if you are underage. Nobody has to find out about your unwanted pregnancy if you don't want them to. In Switzerland, every woman has the right to decide herself whether she wants to terminate the pregnancy up to the end of the twelfth week.


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