Helsana – your partner for a healthy future in Switzerland

Do you opt for a fast, simple service when it comes to your health? Would you like to be able to regularly adapt your insurance products so that they meet your changing needs? Expats
Health care insurance is compulsory for all those living in Switzerland. It comprises the legal benefits in order to become healthy and stay that way and also covers basic needs in the event of illness, accident or pregnancy.
With health insurer Helsana, you will discover a wide range of reasonably-priced, quality products and services for families, individuals and couples. Helsana offers compulsory health care insurance and an extensive choice of optional, innovative supplementary insurance policies. We offer supplementary health care insurance, supplementary hospital insurance, daily allowance insurance, long-term care insurance, dental insurance and term life insurance. The additional policies allow you to create the insurance that best suits you and your needs as an individual.

Who is Helsana?

The Helsana Group is Switzerland's leading health insurer with nearly 2 million customers. The Group offers comprehensive support for private and corporate customers for health and welfare, and in cases of illness and accident. With a premium income of 5.5 billion Swiss francs, the Helsana Group occupies a leading position in the Swiss insurance market. It can be found throughout the country and it employs more than 3000 people at 70 locations. The Helsana Group is a stock corporation not listed on the stock exchange and is organised as a holding company. The Helsana Group includes the health insurers Helsana, Progrès, sansan and avanex.

Further Information

Everything you need to know about health care insurance when moving to Switzerland.
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