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Avanex, Sansan and Progrès are part of the Helsana Group

Avanex, Sansan and Progrès have joined Helsana Health Insurance as members of the Helsana Group. The three health insurance companies have been communicating under the Helsana branding since 2013. The content of the website is also aimed at Avanex, Sansan and Progrès policyholders and potential customers

Helsana website also to be used for Avanex, Sansan and Progrès

Health insurers Avanex, Sansan and Progrès have been part of the Helsana group for many years. In order to simplify customer communication and enhance operational efficiency, all companies in the Helsana Group have been communicating solely under the Helsana branding since 17 June 2013, as a consequence of which the, and websites were taken offline. Since then, all content and services presented on the website have been aimed equally at the customers of Avanex Versicherungen AG, Sansan Versicherungen AG and Progrès Versicherungen AG.

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You can calculate your Avanex, Sansan or Progrès health insurance premium quickly and easily using the premium calculator on You can also request a personalised quote and purchase a policy online:

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Services and products provided by Avanex, Sansan and Progrès

Avanex, Sansan and Progrès offer the same insurance policies and benefits as Helsana: All basic health insurance policies (e.g. the BeneFit PLUS Telmed or General Practitioner models) and all supplementary insurance policies listed on can be purchased from any member of the Helsana Group.

The list of doctors and all other lists of approved care providers and treatment methods will also be very helpful for Avanex, Sansan and Progrès customers.

Avanex, Sansan and Progrès locations

Avanex, Sansan and Progrès do not have their own offices. The official office for all Helsana Group customers is the Helsana Health Insurance head office in Zurich Stettbach. Why not call into your local sales office for a personal consultation? We are here for you!

Contacting Avanex, Sansan or Progrès

The Avanex, Sansan and Progrès customer care teams can be reached Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. using the Helsana Group main telephone number: 043 340 19 90.

Looking for a specific telephone number or hotline? The most important telephone numbers of the Helsana Group can be found here.

Would you prefer to contact us in writing? Please use the appropriate online contact form provided. This will allow us to process your request as quickly as possible.

The fastest way to inform us of any changes in your contact details (e.g. change of address) or bank account information is to submit the information via «myHelsana»: The Helsana Group's customer portal can be used around the clock to manage your data and policies electronically, view statements and place orders:

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