Sport & fitness

Fancy taking up new sporting or fitness activities? We've put together some attractive offers for you. Get active and surprise yourself.

Leki Micro Vario Carbon – must-have for any hiking trip!

Leki Wanderstöcke Wander carefree over hill and dale with your foldable carbon companion. Its push-button release mechanism means you can extend and collapse it in no time, and it's so small when folded up that it even fits into a rucksack!

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Lowa hiking shoes

Lowa Wanderschuhe Lowa Trekking Shoes - Ideal for lengthy trekking tours, shorter hikes in mountain areas, hiking from one hut to another over a period of days and vigorous days out.

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Blackroll Bild klein You benefit from a 30% discount on the BLACKROLL® standard and can obtain efficient relief from tension in your body wherever you like.

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gymnastics mat

Gymnastikmatte You can take this lightweight mat with you anywhere, to do your relaxation and/or yoga exercises on whenever you like.

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Slackstar Basic2 starter set

Slackstar Bild klein Slackline set for beginners

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DNAmic Men’s Superpose Half Tights & Women’s Superpose Shorts

Skins Superpose Bild klein Looking for the benefits of compression but prefer a loose fit outer layer? The DNAmic Superpose Half Tights and Shorts have got you covered. You'll get the best of best of both worlds with this 2 in 1 beauty combining a Dynamic Gradient Compression base layer to support the glutes and upper thighs with a lightweight, quick-dry, loose-fitting short to provide the extra coverage you're looking for.

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