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Prostate cancer diagnosis: new genetic test

A diagnosis of prostate cancer causes uncertainty and worry for those affected. It raises many questions: How aggressive is my prostate cancer? Do I need an operation now? What kind of treatment should I have? Currently, it is difficult to determine a prognosis for newly diagnosed prostate cancer. Prolaris, the new molecular tumour test provided by our partner firm Myriad Genetics, can provide greater clarity.

  1. Benefits of the test
  2. Limitations
  3. Clinical studies
  4. Costs covered by Helsana
  5. Discounts on other Myriad products



Benefits of the test

Prolaris is a gene expression test that can help to predict how the illness may progress. It is carried out on existing tumour tissue (biopsy) and accurately measures the activity of specific genes that directly influence tumour growth. This analysis of the tumour biology provides valuable additional information together with other clinical parameters (such as the PSA value and Gleason score). Prolaris thereby makes it possible to assess the level of risk and design a personalised treatment plan. The findings can influence the decision over whether to carry out immediate treatment or to continue active monitoring. The Prolaris test only needs to be carried out once.

The test can also be of value to patients whose prostate has been surgically removed (prostatectomy). It can help to provide a better estimation of the risk of relapse. This information can be used to decide on the level of aftercare or possible additional treatment.



The Prolaris test was developed to predict prostate cancer aggressiveness. It allows you and your doctor to determine an individualised treatment or monitoring strategy.

- Prolaris only provides information about your prostate cancer.

- It is not a form of treatment and has no influence over how your illness will progress.

- Decisions about a patient's cancer treatment should always be made based on an evaluation of all available clinical, laboratory and pathological information.


Clinical studies

Several clinical studies have documented the Prolaris test's greater accuracy in predicting prostate cancer aggressiveness. The test has been proven to predict cancer aggressiveness and thus how the illness will progress for different groups of patients, both before and after treatment of the tumour.


Costs covered by Helsana

Costs covered with PRIMEO supplementary insurance

If you have taken out PRIMEO supplementary insurance, Helsana will cover 90% of the costs of the Prolaris test developed by our partner company Myriad Genetics (up to a total of CHF 5,000 per calendar year for innovative diagnostic and treatment forms). Helsana will be invoiced directly for your test.


Costs covered without PRIMEO supplementary insurance

This laboratory test is new and is not reimbursed under basic insurance. For customers without PRIMEO supplementary insurance, Helsana has agreed the following special conditions with our partner company Myriad Genetics: You receive a 15% discount on the official recommended list price of the Prolaris test. The policyholder will be invoiced directly for the test.


Discounts on other Myriad products

Helsana Group policyholders receive additional attractive preferential conditions on products that are not covered by basic or supplementary insurance. Through our partnership, you benefit from a 15% discount on the official list price of the following tests: myRisk (25-gene panel for hereditary cancers), Colaris (assessment of the risk of Lynch syndrome), Colaris AP (assessment of the risk of hereditary colorectal cancer), Melaris (assessment of the risk of hereditary skin cancer) and Tumor BRACAnalysis (test to aid treatment decisions for ovarian cancer). More information (only in German) on these products.