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Helsana is committed to your health (Media release) 19.05.2016

People have very different and often insufficient knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of modern medical programmes. Not all early detection tests are useful. The consequences are unnecessary, sometimes damaging procedures and ...

Helsana: Committed to life (Media release) 18.04.2016

Helsana has one big objective going forward. By 2018, it wants to be among the top three companies in terms of customer recommendations. And to reach that goal, Helsana is committed to helping customers at all levels. The aim is not merely to ...

Optional deductibles: Federal Councillor backtracks 05.02.2016

Discounts on high optional deductibles will not be reduced for the time being. Helsana notes with satisfaction that the Federal Councillor has refrained from making the intended change, at least for the time being.

2015 financial year: A year of challenges (Media release) 03.02.2016

2015 was a challenging year for the Helsana Group. As expected, the result was slightly positive and our financial standing remains very solid. Despite the difficult market situation and benefit costs that continue to rise sharply, Helsana ...