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Business Administrator SCC - A job with great opportunities.

Young people can pursue commercial vocational training with Helsana at five different locations in three language regions, either with extended basic training (E profile) or with a vocational diploma (Berufsmatur, M profile). The training takes three years for all disciplines

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  2. Training
  3. Orientation days
  4. Application
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Business Administrator, M profile x x x x x
Business Administrator, E profile x x x x x
Business Administrator, B profile
Health insurance discipline x x x x x
Services and administration discipline x
Corporate business discipline x
Work experience
Orientation day x x x x x

The relevant industry areas for the disciplines are:

Health insurance santésuisse www.santé
Services and administration IGKG Switzerland
Corporate business IGKG Switzerland

Requirements (E profile)

  • You have completed upper secondary level A, separated advanced standard class E or a comparable advanced level
  • You received a good result in the "Business Administrator E-profile" Multicheck aptitude test.
  • You enjoy working with numbers and languages (minimum grade of 4.5 in mathematics, German, French and English).
  • You are interested in the subject of healthcare and insurance.
  • You are determined, responsible and willing to learn.
  • You are communicative and enjoy working in a team.
  • You are willing to work every day on a PC.
  • You have pleasant manners and a well-groomed appearance.


Training concept

At Helsana, the largest Swiss health insurer, an exciting training programme involving a great deal of customer contact awaits you. During your apprenticeship you will gain an insight into different departments and organisational units on a rotational basis. Thus you will receive a step-by-step introduction to healthcare and the world of insurance.

The training is based upon the guidelines of the commercial basic training or the model training course for the selected industry area (discipline).

On-the-job training

On-the-job training takes place within the different organisational units at head office or in the regional locations. This training is supplemented by internal industry-specific training. To meet the increasing demands of the working world, you will complete between 20 and 45 additional training days throughout your apprenticeship period. These courses take place at head office in Dübendorf and – for apprentices specialising in private insurance – at the offices of our cooperation partner in the Zurich area.

Vocational training

As part of your vocational training you will attend vocational school (for E-profile apprentices, two days a week during the first and second years of your apprenticeship and one day a week during your third year). If you have very good high school grades, we offer you the opportunity to complete the training with a Federal Vocational Baccalaureate.

This will involve you attending vocational school on two days a week.

Industry training

As part of your industry training, you will take part in four intercompany courses. These are held regionally.


Orientation days

To enable you to find out more about the apprenticeship programme, Helsana as an apprenticeship training unit and the different areas of specialism available, we hold regional orientation days.

At the moment it is not possible to enroll.



The window for applications opens in summer at the beginning of the 3rd senior year. Your application should include the following documents:

  • Personal statement. This may be written by hand or on a PC. Among other things, it should include information about why you are interested in becoming a business administrator, and why you are attracted to Helsana as a vocational training unit.
  • Curriculum vitae (written on a PC) with recent colour photo.
  • All previous advanced school certificates and diplomas for courses or work experience.
  • Results of the "Stellwerk 8" test (if this was performed in upper school)
  • Results of the "Business Administrator E-profile" Multicheck aptitude test.
  • You will find more information at where you can also sign up for and take this test.

If you are interested in an apprenticeship at Helsana, we look forward to receiving your application. Click here for apprenticeship openings and apply directly online.



Do you have some questions? The e-mail addresses are here:

Our vocational training supervisors will be happy to answer any questions you may have.