About our company

The Helsana Group is the leading health and accident insurer in Switzerland. It offers individuals and companies a complete health and prevention service in the event of sickness and accidents.

Higher transparency in the supply of medication

The first Helsana Drug Report was very well received by experts and the media. Exactly one year later, Helsana has now published the second Drug Report. It also once again offers an insight into the supply of medicinal products in Switzerland, providing a seamless continuation from the previous year's edition.

Arzneimittelreport The Swiss healthcare system is characterised by a high level of innovation. This also includes new and further developments in the pharmaceutical industry. However, this development also results in greater costs. Medication currently accounts for more than 20 percent of costs associated with basic insurance.

On the one hand, the Drug Report is intended to contribute to a better understanding of the Swiss medication market and its development in terms of both quantities and costs over recent years. At the same time, we want to spark a debate on the supply of medicinal products.

Unique in Switzerland

The Helsana Drug Report is unique in Switzerland. The report – compiled in cooperation with the University Hospital of Basel (USB) and the European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine (ECPM) at the University Hospital of Basel – provides authentic insights into the supply of medicinal products in Switzerland. We also cast a critical eye on the market for medicinal products, look for anomalies and differences and identify room for improvement. We do so from the perspective of our customers and in our role as the "trustee" of Swiss premium payers.

It's all about transparency

The report contains assessments of market developments which are based on our own (anonymised) statement data and provide a representative picture of the number of recipients of medication and the resulting costs. We also provide an in-depth analysis of selected indications and medication groups. This is an area where transparency in the portrayal of real developments is key, as is a discussion of costs and benefits.

Helsana drug report (PDF, 2MB)